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The New Revolution Driving Tuition Suzuki Swift

Hey everyone, I’m excited to show you the brand new driving school car I have for Revolution Driving Tuition. The old C2 did a great job over the past few years but it’s now in retirement! I tested out a couple of cars I had in mind as a replacement and settled with a brand new Suzuki Swift SZ2. Here’s a few preview photos of the car before it gets stickered up with Revolution graphics in the next week or two.

All my current pupils can look forward to taking it for a spin in their next lesson, it has some lovely features and makes a great instructor car. I’m sure you’ll all love it! I know lots of you were sad to hear the C2 was going, but I’m sure you’ll love the Swift just the same.

The next job is to get the new car graphics designed, then to update the Revolution website with new photos.

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