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How Not to Park: Lessons from YouTube

You need to look no further than good old YouTube to find some classic examples of disastrous parking attempts from motorists from around the world. These drivers probably shouldn’t be the holder of a driving licence, and could do with a few extra lessons to say the least! Here’s a roundup of some of the best and most hilarious parking videos on the web. We shouldn’t laugh, but it’s pretty hard not to!

The driver of this BMW shows off the car’s great off-road capabilities in a car park in Canada. What’s worse is the driver leaves the scene, taking no responsibility.

This driver takes on a parking challenge that exceeds their capabilities. After a good few attempts a frustrated motorist helps out by showing the driver how it’s done!

It’s not always getting into a parking space that’s the problem, as this motorist discovered. Despite the copious amount of maneuvering room, they still managed to get themselves stuck. Thankfully a passer-by helped out with some direction!

This motorist should have realised before even attempting the parking maneuver that the space was way to small, even for the tiny car they were driving!

The disgusting driving of this motorist shows how inconsiderate some drivers are, damaging multiple cars while forcing his car into a space!

Mistaking the accelerator pedal for the brake can has some serious consequences – Just like this!

Mounting the kerb during a reverse park maneuver results in a fail. It’s safe to say this attempt wouldn’t be a test pass!

Having a good sense of how to steer and change the direction of a car is an important skill you learn during your driving lessons. This motorist must have missed those particular lessons.

Another result of misidentifying the appropriate pedel. This lady takes her BMW on an accidental ram-raid attack on an innocent sandwich shop.

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