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The Revolution Suzuki Swift Finally Gets its Decals

It has been a while since the new Revolution Driving Tuition Suzuki Swift replaced the old Citroen C2, but it has finally been given a coating of fresh decals to help it fit in with the Revolution brand. Keep an eye out for the Swift in its posh new outfit on the road or on your next lesson!

The New Revolution Driving Tuition Suzuki Swift

Hey everyone, I’m excited to show you the brand new driving school car I have for Revolution Driving Tuition. The old C2 did a great job over the past few years but it’s now in retirement! I tested out a couple of cars I had in mind as a replacement and settled with a brand new Suzuki Swift SZ2. Here’s a few preview photos of the car before it gets stickered up with Revolution graphics in the next week or two.

Driving Lessons for Sheffield Fresher Students

Getting ready for the new college/university term? Driving lesson bookings are now being taken for freshers and students in Sheffield. September is often a popular month for new drivers, with hundreds of students moving to a new city and looking to start learning to drive.

Sheffield Driving Instructor – Laura Waltho

Laura Waltho, the driving instructor behind Revolution Driving Tuition was recently asked a few questions about her life as a Sheffield driving instructor, her services offered and what advice she would offer to people looking to learn to drive. Read on the see her responses.

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The All New Revolution Driving Tuition Website

The all new Revolution Driving Tuition website is now live. Complete with a collection of new features including descriptive information about Revolution, a detailed overview of the driving lesson prices and services offered as well as a variety of photographs and specifications of the Revolution Tuition Car.