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How to Fill Up Your Car at the Petrol Station

There are many additional tasks and experiences that come along with learning to drive, such tasks include car maintenance. The most common job when it comes to maintaining your car is refueling at the petrol station, despite being a simple task that can be done on a daily basis it is quite often pretty daunting for new drivers with no previous experience. Read on to familiarize yourself with the refueling process and breeze through your first petrol station run!

Empty Fuel Gauge5 Initial Points to Consider

Before you set off on your refueling journey consider these five points to save time and potential embarrassment at the petrol station:

1) What fuel type does your car take?
The majority of cars run on either Petrol(eum) or Diesel, find out which fuel type your car takes as your cars engine will be damaged by running the wrong fuel. If you are not sure which type of fuel you need, consult your cars handbook.

2) Which side is the fuel cap on?
Before pulling up to a pump think about which side of your car the fuel cap is placed, otherwise you may find that entering fuel into the tank has just become slightly trickier!

3) How do you open the fuel cap?
Some fuel caps are opened using the car key, whilst others have a lever from within the car. Spend a moment to discover how your cap opens to avoid queues of impatient motorists!

4) Do you have any money?
You might find yourself in a tricky situation if you fuel up your car then realize you don’t have any money about your person, check for your wallet/purse before using the pump.

5) Where is the nearest petrol station?
If you are in your home town use a website such as to find your local petrol stations, if however you are on a journey, keep an eye on the fuel gauge and consider how long it may be until you pass the next station. On the motorway petrol stations can be found in the signposted service centres spread across the country. Petrol stations are also often listed on Satellite Navigation systems.

The Refuelling Process

When you have found your local station and ready to fill up simply proceed with the following steps:
Step One
Enter the petrol station and pull up at the side of a petrol pump, remember your check on which side your fuel cap is situated!

Step Two
Turn off your cars engine and open the fuel cap.

Petrol PumpsStep Three
Choose the appropriate pump, remember to choose the fuel type to compliment your cars engine. Diesel pumps are usually coloured black, while Petrol is coloured green, with the label of Unleaded. Also check the name on the pump as some petrol stations sell more expensive fuels that are stated to be more environmentally friendly and performance enhancing.

Step Four
Lift the pump handle and insert the nozzle into the fuel cap, pull the lever until the fuel begins to flow. Keep an eye on the counter display which will increase as the fuel enters your vehicle in both price and volume.
Choose to either stop at a certain price or continue until your fuel tank is full, when the petrol pump automatically stops this is an indication that your fuel tank is now full.

Step Five
Take note of the number of the petrol pump you have used, lock your car and proceed to the checkout. Depending on the time of day or night, the checkout may be within the station building or payable from outside for security. Inform the assistant of your pump number and proceed with payment.

Important Safety Points to Remember

Always turn off your engine when refueling your car.
Never use a mobile phone in or within close proximity to a petrol station.
Always inform the assistant of any accidents or spillages.
Always lock your car when proceeding to payment.

You have now successfully completed an issue free refuel! See, it’s easy – go ahead and repeat the process hundreds of times throughout your motoring life!

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