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A Closer Look at Women’s Car Insurance

There are now a host of women’s car insurance providers in the UK that market exclusively to females, claiming that they offer cheaper quotes than conventional car insurance companies do coupled with female-friendly incentives. So are women really better off insuring with specialists, or should they shop around using a comparison site to compare car insurance quotes first?

A closer look at women’s car insurance

Several car insurance providers now offer women’s car insurance, with some brands such as Sheila’s Wheels, Ladybird and Diamond, marketing almost exclusively to females.

Specialist women’s car insurance providers like to promote unique incentives to attract female business. Unique cover options range from mobile phone locators and ‘female friendly’ repairers to handbag cover and priority roadside assistance. However, to find a women’s car insurance policy that’s right for you it’s important to understand all of the technical terms in insurance documents to ensure you’re not caught out.

Why are there separate car insurance providers for women?

Simply put, women have a better driving record than men. According to Home Office statistics released in 2004, men are responsible for nine times as many motoring offences as women. Indeed men are guilty of a staggering 975 of dangerous driving offences and 94% of accidents causing death or bodily harm.

Admittedly, statistics are skewed in favour of women in that men drive more miles on average and more men drive overall – meaning there are more opportunities to be involved in an accident.

Nevertheless, the statistics are overwhelming – men tend to drive more powerful cars and take more risks behind the wheel. Consequently they are a bigger risk to insurers and as such a number of female only car insurance providers have emerged which state they can offer savings to women due to the lower risk they present and the fewer number of claims they have to pay out on.

How to choose the right car insurer

Do not fall into the trap of assuming that specialist providers are always the cheapest. Even though their incentives are appealing, they do not necessarily offer the most value for money.

The key is to shop around using a comparison website to compare car insurance quotes and policies from multiple companies. Think about which policy options are important to you. It could be that one of the specialist providers is the cheapest – but if not, you may be willing to pay more to secure the female-focused incentives they offer.

How to make a car insurance claim

If you are involved in an accident you should inform your insurer straight away – most have a dedicated 24hr claims helpline. Ask what evidence it requires to support your claim as it may be necessary to take photographs of the damage or provide witness contact details. You should always hold on to any receipts or correspondence relating to the claim. Remember that cheap women’s car insurance may not always be adequate – it’s best to find a policy that provides the right level of cover for your needs, even if it does cost a little more.

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