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Revolution Driving Tuition has one of the most popular learner driver blogs on the Internet. Gain exposure and increase your brand awareness through targeted advertisements

The Revolution Driving Tuition blog is host to a range of useful and interesting articles for learner drivers and receives a steady influx of traffic from search engines and links from other industry websites. Topics include general motoring information, the latest driving test news and handy advice & how-to’s for learner drivers.

Traffic to the Revolution blog is primarily from the United Kingdom, with the major cities (London, Manchester, Sheffield, Birmingham and Glasgow) being the most popular sources. Search Engines provide 55% of traffic, with Referring Sites and Direct Traffic making up 33% and 12% respectively.

Advertising is available in the form of banner graphics, text links and sponsored posts.

180x150px Banner Ads

Situated in the sidebar of the Revolution Driving Tuition Blog, banner ad placements increase brand recognition with a 180x150px ad image, that links to a specified web page. Banner ads are priced at £20 per month.

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Text links

Located under the ‘Useful Links’ heading in the sidebar of the Revolution Driving Tuition Blog, text links provide traffic through chosen keywords that are tailored to your industry. Text links are priced at £5 per month

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Sponsored posts

Creating a sponsored post is by far the best performing method of advertising, as it can generate its own traffic through social media and search engine indexing. A sponsored post is a complete article based on a driving related topic, that includes links to your chosen web pages from within the post content. Sponsored posts are priced at £500, for the year.

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